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  •  Living with friends
  • parents haven't decided to throw us out of their lives yet
  • Friend's mom is hella awesome and trying to help me get monies for cooleg unlike my parents which assumed I'd get full-rides lollll
  • Things are really chill around here. Really nice
  • Will probably still be losing most possessions, but nothing extremely important
  • May not live with grandma anymore but that's voluntary
  • I may or may not still go dormant tbh, haven't quite decided I guess. Most likely will
  • Newly discovered headmates: a 3 year old named Xyzzy (yes, like the CAH clone... idk guys that's what he told me)/Sparkle (nickname), a 43-ish year old woman named Ezra, and a bunch of weird fragmenty people that... Tend to just mill about or stand around in one spot. I think they're still dormant or something, tbh. Ezra seems sleepy herself
  • New trauma memories but, I did my best to block when they happened so idk what they were exactly. Probably another instance of what happened when we were six, though possibly just something to do with getting beat badly. I'm thinking the latter but I feel like someone would know about marks if that was it (memories are very violent flashes and feelings so idk I guess)
  • Got back into coding our game, may vent about it from time to time when the code Does Not Do The Working Things and stuff, may also post occasional snippets or character files, etc
I think that's all for now and stuff I think



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