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Ah, howdy everyone! Here's an intro post and some stuff.

We haven't really journaled online in quite a while. We have a WordPress, sure, but we don't use it a whole lot now because a lot of the information on it is either outdated or just not correct or even relevant to our situation right now, and honestly I'm too lazy to go back and correct things.

Anyways, onto the show!

 Name's Kam! I'm the main fronter/host here. But before we get into who's who, here's some stuff about our system:
  • We're a traumagenic/mixed system of 17. 
    • 8 alters (including me, due to confusion things)
    • 2 intentional tulpas
    • 7 soulbonds (that just kinda invaded our headspace showed up
  • We can't do full, into-the-headspace switches yet. So I'm pretty much stuck up here, heh. But, I can take a backseat role and my headmates can 'possess' the body so... Close enough?
    • Trust me, we're working on this
  • We have BPD, AvPD and are autistic. Rae shows signs of PTSD thanks to taking the worst of our trauma when the body was younger. Basically we're one big ball of anxiety and stress.
  • Body is 16, in case that bothers anyone
  • At the time of writing, we aren't in a very good situation
  • We don't bite! Well, Rodney does, but not like that. 
I think that's it for important stuff! Now onto who we are. Here are some little profiles of people you might see here:

Nonbinary, any pronouns are good
The main fronter/recognized host. A confused/depressed cat-person much of the time. Shows the most symptoms of BPD; really unstable personality and emotion wise. Likely will post the most here. 

Male, he/him pronouns preferred
Our Robot Pal! Actually, he's a Cyborg, with his left eye and arm being robotic. Very anxious, not a fan of people. Shows the most symptoms of autism, and has the worst sensory issues of everyone. Typically has low empathy, but isn't very mean. Our Archiver, tends to write logs and type up system-related findings. 

10 (but usually acts younger) 
Female, she/her preferred 
Main trauma holder. Don't touch her unless she lets you, please. Very energetic and playful, once she gets to know you. Terrified of people that yell and hit. Has flashbacks and panics often, but we've been trying to help her feel safe. 

Male, he/him preferred
Fallen angel/demon. Pretty lax, a flirter. The kind of guy to chill on the couch at a party and not talk to too many people. Crowned the Gayest of the Gays and proud. Very protective of Rae and others he cares about; would prolly pose as your father if need-be. Very sweet and adorable but will never admit it.
Cursed nickname: Luci 

Male, he/him only
Our resident psychopath, and only somewhat jokingly so. Has a lot of issues with empathy. Can't handle it much when he turns it on/tunes into our empathy flow. Fairly relaxed but can be a hothead sometimes. The kind of guy that smokes for Aesthetic™. I doubt he'll post here often but he'll prolly get mentioned at the least. 
Alias: R or 07

Male, he/him
Our piano player. One of the intentional tulpas, though he's changed name and form several times since he was first created. A bit uptight, but has good intentions. Think of him like that strict teacher that seems mean but is actually pretty nice. Very caring when you get through the exterior. Interested in many things, has been deemed the Analyst.

Male, he/him
A soulbond of Asriel from Undertale. Very quiet and a bit shy, though is also very passionate about philosophy. Gentle and kind. Also has empathy issues, but unlike Rodney he handles it better. Is a very good listening ear and shoulder to cry on, though isn't very good with the Comforting Words. All attempts to emotionally harm him probably won't work; Asriel brushes things off easily. 

what do you mean age
what even is gender. im a skeleton. he/him i guess
The Comic. Sans Undertale himself (yes, I speak meme) .  Purely satire, probably. Can be very bitter but it often shows in the form of jokes. A bit of a hothead but cools off quickly. Trigger happy with the blasters. Absolutely loves icecream and will do just about anything to get some, almost likes icecream better than ketchup. Another one that is likely to be mentioned but might not post here.  
Alias: Ss

Female, she/her preferred
The ex-stabby alter. You think I am joking but I swear I'm not. Little empathy for humans. Loves cats though! Tends to be very sarcastic and has a rough personality, but she's pretty lovable even though she'll never admit it. Probably won't hurt you because she doesn't care enough to do so. 

That's it for now! The rest of us are mentioned here. But at the moment those are the most active people, so yeah. 

Welcome to the blog, everybody! 

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